7 Inspiring YouTube Channels To Follow in 2023


Currently #1 most subscribed youtube channel on Stylehills app is TED. Understandably, we know why our users love it. It’s got all the great ideas and topics suitable for people with growth mindset. One of the Ted Talks that leaves a great impression to me personally until this day is about Grit, by Angela Lee Duckworth on the power of passion and perseverance to achieve success. If you are looking for talks and performances that will inspire you, be sure to follow TED @ YouTube on our app.

National Geographic

From science, history, animals to travels and adventures, National Geographic has taught us a lot about our surroundings as well as our planet. For years, National Geographic brings us fascinating stories from around the world, showing us parts of the world that we might not have seen otherwise. One such example is this Lost World of the Maya episode taking us into the jungles of Central America on a quest and exploration.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest features celebrity homes and if you are looking for entertainment at the same time design inspiration, it’s a great channel to enjoy beautiful home interiors and landscaping. No matter the size of our homes, a little design inspiration can spark creativity and ideas for making spaces comfortable and productive. Speaking of inspirations, finding new blogs or websites to follow, even youtube channels are made available and brought to you by Stylehills.


If you are trying to learn piano, Pianote is a useful channel to help you pick up techniques the easy way. The short videos and simple explanations are great for self-taught piano player without making you feel overwhelm. The tutorials on their youtube channel are all free but you can also sign up for lessons directly on their website. We added Pianote @ YouTube on our app so you can follow their latest posts on your feed!

Marie Forleo

Among the many business guru(s) out there nowadays, Marie Forleo ranked a top favorite because she keeps it real. She helps and teaches individuals to create business and life that you love. Watching her videos, one can always take away nuggets of wisdom, not only does she share good advice, actionable strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs, but also motivate and make you feel less alone in the competitive business landscape. Her contents are available on her blog, as well as on youtube and podcast, depends on what works best for you, they can be consumed in multiple formats.

Jonna Jinton

Jonna Jinton is an extraordinary person who lives in the woods of the northern Sweden. Through her youtube channel, she shares glimpse of her life and her love of art and nature with stunning video footage and drone shots. Her videos are a pleasure to watch because of her personality and creative work. Check her out on youtube or on Stylehills app, her storytelling will keep you inspired.

Marques Brownlee

On his channel MKBHD, Marques reviews the latest tech gadgets and discusses everything related to tech. Through his Talking Tech series, he’s interviewed people including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg, and Barak Obama. For any tech geeks out there, this is the channel you want to check out while you research about the latest and greatest smartphone you’ve been contemplating buying. He has a comprehensive list of videos covering many consumer electronics.

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