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To help you find new blogs, we created the Discover tab on our Stylehills app. Blogs and websites are curated by actual humans to bring you meaningful content with inspiring stories from bloggers around the world.

Latest Newly Featured Blogs

We are constantly adding new blogs and websites and regularly feature them from various categories in fashion, tech, business, travel, food, design, wellness, personal growth, learning, personal finance, and lifestyle. Over time, we are also adding more categories to include other interesting subjects and topics.

For example, we are currently featuring Color & Chic (fashion blog), Ordinary Traveler (travel blog), and Zen Habits (wellness blog) in our Latest Updates section. And, we are working on building the lists for art, home, family, music, photography categories.

Trending Topics

While Google remains the best way to search for information, it’s not quite as easy to find relevant topics from blog sites. To address that, we added the search capability to help you find articles across different blogs for specific keyword search. Under the Trending Topics, you will find the most popular subject that’s happening right now.

Some of the trending topics currently featured (as of this writing) include the following keywords, but not limited to:

  • Deals – to help you find the best shopping deals recommended by bloggers
  • Review – articles about product reviews from blogs sites
  • Black Lives Matter – list of blogs that write about BLM and support black-owned businesses
  • Coronavirus – the latest posts about COVID-19
  • Startup – about startup business ideas and stories

Blogs We Love

Since we love blogs, we share some of our personal favorites in the Blogs We Love section hoping you will love to read and follow these bloggers as well. We constantly update the list with our recommendations and most recently it includes blogs such as Becoming Minimalist (wellness blog), Blogilates (wellness blog) , Lewis Howes (personal growth blog), Making Sense of Cents (personal finance blog), NaturallyGood (lifestyle blog), Marques Brownlee (tech youtube) and others.

Recommended Blogs By Genres

In addition, you will also find many interesting blogs by genres on Stylehills mobile app:

  • Fashion genre that is all about fashion and beauty blogs
  • Tech & Business genre for blogs on technology, entrepreneurship, seo, marketing
  • Money genre include blogs to improve your financial IQ

Hope this article provide a glimpse into what Stylehills app offers and most importantly, convince you to try it out! 😉

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